5 important documents were signed following the visit of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the UAE

The two-day working visit of the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the United Arab Emirates has ended, TDH reports.

As is known, a meeting was held between Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the President of the UAE Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi the day before, during which specific proposals of the parties to deepen the traditional cooperation between the countries were voiced.

Turkmenistan entered the top 8 countries with the cheapest gasoline

Turkmenistan took eighth place in the ranking of countries with the cheapest gasoline. The cost of fuel in the country ($0.0.428) is three times less than the world average, according to GlobalPetrolPrices data at the beginning of January. The average price of gasoline worldwide is $1.30 per liter. There are significant differences in gasoline prices between different countries. According to the portal, as a rule, rich countries have higher prices, while poor countries and countries that produce and export oil have significantly lower prices. A notable exception is the United States, an economically developed country with relatively low gasoline prices ($0.911).

Dragon Oil Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Türkmennebit in Dubai

The National Leader of the Turkmen people, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dragon Oil Company Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer on Friday in Dubai during his official working visit to the UAE. As part of the meeting, Turkmennebit (Turkmen Oil) State Concern and Dragon Oil signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dragon Oil, the Watan News reported on Friday. 

Turkmenistan modernizes Noorul Jihad Substation to bring reliable electricity to thousands in Herat

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the national power utility company of Afghanistan, is working with Turkmenistan’s  State Corporation “Turkmen Energo”to modernize the Noorul Jihad Substation in Herat. This vital project will provide thousands of customers with reliable electricity and boost the industrial sector in the northwestern region of the province.

Afghanistan secures 1.8 billion kWh of electricity from Turkmenistan in 2024

In a two-day visit to Turkmenistan, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) CEO Muhammad Hanif Hamza and his delegation secured a critical energy supply agreement for 2024.

The deal ensures the delivery of up to 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to Afghanistan through four established routes: Andkhoi, Aqina, Badghis, and Torghundi-Herat lines, according to DABS.

The fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan was awarded an international quality award

During the international scientific and practical conference, which was held in Ashgabat on December 27, the General Director of the European Society for Quality Research, Michael Harris, presented the international quality award Quality Achievements Awards 2023 to the “Turkmengaz” state concern.

Dragon Oil opened a new office in Ashgabat

The grand opening of the new office of the oil company Dragon Oil was eld in Ashgabat. The ceremony was attended by the heads of the “Turkmenneft” State Concern, the Dragon Oil company and representatives of the UAE Embassy, writes the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

The total amount of transactions at the SCRMET trades exceeded 18 million 114 thousand US dollars

28 transactions were registered at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan last week.

Representatives of business circles from the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Afghanistan purchased polypropylene, base oil and diesel fuel produced at the technological facilities of "Türkmennebit" State Concern for foreign currency.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the initiative of Turkmenistan

On December 19, 2023, the UN General Assembly at the 49th plenary meeting of the 78th session unanimously adopted the resolution: The key role of reliable and stable energy connectivity in ensuring sustainable development.

The resolution, initiated by Turkmenistan, was co-sponsored by 38 states.

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan Hold Joint Meeting on Electricity Purchase Agreement

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the Afghan power utility company, met with Turkmen officials to discuss electricity procurement for 2024 and the expedited launch of the Noorul Jihad Substation Project, the DABS reported on Friday.