The Afghan government has announced that the TAPI project will begin soon

Afghanistan has reaffirmed its commitment to launching the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) project as soon as possible. The construction of the pipeline will provide employment for about 12,000 people in Afghanistan, according to Tolo News, economists in the country.

The Taliban are confident that practical work on the TAPI will begin in the near future and all preliminary work has already been prepared. Bilal Karimi, the Taliban's deputy spokesman, said work on security and project financing had been completed, and that the practical phase would "begin when it warms up."

“The TAPI project must be implemented qualitatively, and the Islamic Emirate is well prepared for its financial part. Our technical and logistical problems have been solved, "he said.

“The TAPI project is one of the largest projects in the region, and we are very sorry that we have not been able to start this project in the last few years. We all know that it will be of great benefit to the people of Afghanistan, "said economist Mansour Hedayat.

"The Taliban are now monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, the obstacles are being solved, and they are expected to play an important role in this project, using all the necessary resources," said Shakira Yakubi, another Afghan economist.

Afghanistan is expected to earn about $ 400 million a year from allowing Turkmen gas transit through its territory to Pakistan and India, Tolo News reports.

The TAPI project last month has been the focus of the attention of the participating countries. In the first decade of January, the Turkmen delegation held talks in Afghanistan on intensifying TAPI work. Acting Minister of Mining and Petroleum Shahabuddin Delavar then stated that the project would be launched in the second half of this year.

Earlier this week, the issue of TAPI promotion was discussed by the heads of the Foreign Ministers of Turkmenistan and Pakistan over the phone.

Recently, the President of Turkmenistan sent a delegation to Islamabad for talks on regional projects, including the TAPI.