Well at Turkmenistan Galkynysh Field Yields New Commercial Gas Flow

Türkmengazburawlaýyş Department, the gas drilling entity, of the Türkmengaz (Turkmen Gas) State Concern has acquired a new commercial flow of natural gas at the gas production well No. 238 at the Galkynysh field, the world's second-largest gas field located in Turkmenistan’s Mary province. The flow was acquired a depth of 4,496 to 4,214 meters with total strata thickness of 189 meters.

The flow rate capacity of the well is more than 2.26 million thousand cubic meters of natural a day, the online newspaper of the Oil and Gas Complex of Turkmenistan reported on Monday.

The huge natural gas reserves of the Galkynysh field, together with the Yashlar and Garakol fields, are estimated at 27.4 trillion cubic meters.

Drilling and construction of the gas well widely used seat and tubing pipes, tubing fittings, column heads of the leading Japanese company Sumitomo, which correspond to the geological and technological characteristics of the Galkynysh gas field.

With the implementation of seven stages of development of the Galkynysh field, its annual natural gas production is expected to reach around 200 billion cubic meters.