Organization and management of events: seminars, forums, conferences, presentations

The Company’s activities combine tradition and innovation, creative solutions and convenient logistics. Our priority is due care for clients’ interests and high responsibility for the result. Turkmen Forum actively improves the ways of organizing and holding conferences, seminars, forums and presentations. The event is designed and implemented on a turnkey basis and includes full range of activities from concept development to speakers - audience communication at the venue.


Event’s concept development, program, artistic and stylistic design. Budgeting.


Location, area and equipment of a facility, number of seats and comfort level for the participants are the factors that need to be considered while organizing an event.

Services include determining a premise, its artistic and stylistic design using multimedia technologies, and decoration of an outside area.


We develop a speakers’ list of an event.

- prepare business program regulations, considering a customer’s wishes.

- develop a list of speakers and invite them: representatives of government agencies, businesses, experts

- work with speakers: collecting theses, scheduling presentations

- prepare a collection of conference materials (theses) and the final resolution.


Forming a target audience of an event. Invitation, support, registration.

- developing a list of potential participants.

- inviting participants to an event.

- Government officials, representatives of the ministries and departments, top managers of companies, representatives of specialized unions and associations, foreign guests can be invited as VIP guests.


Promotion and information campaign, preparation of a regional and foreign media companies list and cooperation.

- Placement of event advertising modules in the mass media, on the Internet.

- Advertising tools, positioned outside and in the city, at the airport, near the venue, etc.

- Preparation of an official press releases / post-releases and its uploading on the Internet.

- Management of a press center of an event.


Printed materials and souvenirs.

- Designing and printing materials: catalogs, collections of materials, brochures, invitations, badges, press folders, CDs, etc.

- Selection and manufacture of souvenirs with an event symbols.

- Information and promotion materials (banners, roll-ups, mobile structures).


- Meeting and registration of guests at the venue.

- Printing and providing badges.

- Promotional packages of an event.

- Translation services, simultaneous interpretation, guide-interpreter to accompany foreign delegations.

- Professional photography and video recording of an event, broadcasting.

- Cultural program: arranging visits to theaters, museums, guided tours


Catering services for an ongoing event (coffee breaks, lunches, evening receptions).


Arranging convenient logistics for an event.