Foreign business purchased various types of fuel for $23 million on the Turkmen exchange

On April 27, 14 transactions were concluded at the auctions of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, most of which were for the purchase of various types of high-quality fuel from Turkmen hydrocarbons for $23.6 million, an ORIENT correspondent reports.

Businesses from Afghanistan and Turkey signed contracts for the supply of 10,000 tons of ECO 93 gasoline worth $7.1 million. Representatives of the UK, the United Arab Emirates, the Virgin Islands and Turkey purchased 10,000 tons of hydrotreated diesel fuel for $10.3 million.

Businessmen from Afghanistan purchased 5,000 tons of Turkmen liquefied gas for $2.5 million. Representatives of business circles from the Virgin Islands purchased 3,500 tons of TS-1 aviation kerosene for $3.6 million.

Russian business has concluded deals for the purchase of 70 tons of cotton yarn for $209.4 thousand. Entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan have purchased 17.6 tons of cotton yarn for 693 thousand Turkmen manats.

The total amount of transactions concluded in US dollars amounted to 27.8 million, and in Turkmen manats - 693 thousand.