The statute and structure of the TCOR will be improved

In order to more fully utilize the production potential of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TCOR), it is planned to improve its statute and structure. This was discussed at a meeting of the government of Turkmenistan held last Friday.

During the meeting, Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Shakhym Abdrakhmanov reported on the measures taken to solve problems related to the full operation of the TCOR, providing it with raw materials in the required volume and the uninterrupted operation of technological facilities.  In this context, information was provided on the work to improve the structure and the statute of the TCOR.

The present statute was approved in 2006. In 2021, in connection with the introduction of a digital system into the oil and gas complex and ensuring information security, changes and additions were made.

As noted, the modernization of the infrastructure of this enterprise is currently required. To this end, it is necessary to fully utilize the production capacities of the TCOR, increase the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, produce high-quality petroleum products and supply them to world markets.

In this regard, the Vice-Chairman submitted a new version of the draft structure and statute of the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries for consideration by the head of Turkmenistan.

President Serdar Berdimuhamedov emphasized that one of the priority areas of state policy is the implementation of an energy strategy aimed at innovative development and modernization of the domestic oil and gas industry based on the introduction of innovative technologies.

Noting the need to increase the production capacity of the TCOR, carefully study the international markets for petroleum products and intensify mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable foreign partners, the head of state addressed the Vice-Chairman with a number of specific instructions related to the continuation of work in this direction.